North Beach

Welcome to North Beach

A cultured history and Italian influence make this neighborhood beloved by longtime residents and newcomers alike.
North Beach is one of San Francisco’s oldest and most iconic neighborhoods, and its vibrancy is driven by picture-perfect tourist attractions and a storied past that’s made relevant today through mouth watering cuisine and local culture.

North Beach has long been the hub for Italian-American influence in the Bay Area, and its cozy street-corner ristorantes and cappuccino-whirling cafes are not only proof of its strong heritage but also captivate locals who are lucky enough to call this neighborhood home.

What to Expect

Espresso and biscotti-soaked mornings at your local cafe followed by people watching in the park.

North Beach has a Europe-meets-San Francisco feel with its small side streets and streetside bistro tables, though the ring of the cable car transporting tourists and locals through the neighborhood will ensure you never forget where you truly are.

Local Lifestyle

Some streets are teeming with nightlife, while others revel in the quiet, neighborhood vibe that’s part of the culture here.

More laid-back than you’d expect being this close to downtown, North Beach gives off classic, old-fashioned vibes — from live music bars with young hipsters spilling out to sunny weekends spent on a picnic blanket in beloved Washington Square Park.

Unexpected Appeal

Tourists flock to North Beach, but for good reason.

Tour groups and gaping out-of-towners are part of the scenery here, but you won’t worry too much about it when you’re slurping up linguini at your local pasta joint or soaking in the views from Telegraph Hill for yourself.

The Market

Apartments and condos with low vacancy and high price points.

Here, you’re more likely to find a condo or apartment than a single-family home where the median home price is $1.2 million, but with the million-dollar views and the buzz of the city right below you, you’ll feel right at home.

You'll Fall In Love With:

Charming cafes and dimly lit restaurants around every corner in this classic San Francisco neighborhood.

When you pop into your local deli, grab a deliciously sloppy slice on the go or even just hear the parrots of Telegraph Hill squawking overhead, you’ll be constantly reminded that it’s all about la dulce vita in North Beach.

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